From November 7 to 9 will take place the 2. European Championship for Woman in Rastatt. The first round will be played in 4 groupes, the first and second team of each groupe will continue the EC.

[f]1/4 finale[/f]:

1.groupe A against 2. groupe C

1.groupe B against 2. groupe D

1.groupe C against 2. groupe A

1.groupe D against 2. groupe B.


Winner 1.A / 2.C against winner 1.B / 2.D

Winner 1.C / 2.A against winner 1.D / 2.B

The two winners go to the final.

[f]Nations Cup[/f]

All teams of each groupe from the 3. place go on with the Nations Cup.

For all questions please contact Mr. Klaus Eschbach, President of DPV, Phone +49 7822 8927-0 or eMail dpv@atelier-eschbach.de



European Championship for Woman[/f]

November 7. – 9. 03 Rastatt

[f]Friday, November 7[/f]

14.00 h Arrival at Holliday Inn Garden Court

18.30 h Dinner at Holliday Inn Garden Court

20.00 h Opening ceremony in the Boulodrôme, presentation of the teams and drawing lots

(4 groups, each play against the others.

1. and 2. place will play the championship, 3. place and more the Nations Cup

[f]Saturday, November 8[/f]

08.30 h Begin of the competition

12.00 h Stop for meal

12.00 h Begin of shooting

15.30 h Competition round 3-5

19.30 h Dinner

20.30 h Shooting and 1/8 Nations Cup

[f]Sunday, November 9[/f]

08.30 h 1/4 Championship and 1/4 Nations Cup in the Boulodrôme

10.30 h 1/2 Championship and 1/2 Nations Cup

12.00 h Stop for meal

13.00 h 1/4 final of shooting

14.00 h 1/2 final of shooting

14.30 h Final of shooting

15.00 h Final Nations Cup

16.00 h Final of Championship

18.00 h Rewards

20.00 h Banquet at Holliday Inn Garden Court

[f]Monday, November 10[/f]


[f]How to find Rastatt[/f]

The town of Rastatt is situated in the south of Germany between Karlsruhe and Baden-Baden.


[u]By car:[/u]

Follow the motorway A5 from Frankfurt/Karlsruhe until you reach Exit 49 Rastatt. Turn right onto the B 462 towards Rastatt.

Follow this road for about 1km, until you hit the B 3/B 36. Turn left at the traffic lights, (2 lanes for turning left), following the sign for Rastatt (B3/B36). Follow this road for about 1,5 km, turn right at the 3rd traffic lights. The hotel drive is on the right corner just after the crossing at Karlsruher Straße 29. The Hotel Holiday Inn Garden Court is situated 2,5 km from the Exit Rastatt

[u]By Train:[/u]

The main EC/IC/ICE-station is Karlsruhe; from there take a train to Rastatt (10 min). Some EC/IC also stop in Baden-Baden; from there take a train to Rastatt (5 min).

The railway station is situated 400 m from the Hotel.

[u]By Aircraft:[/u]

[k]Frankfurt International Airport.[/k]

Frankfurt International Airport approx. 160 km to Rastatt (1,5 hrs: InterCity train connections in the airport to Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden

[k]Strasbourg Aeroport[/k]

approx. 50 km to Rastatt. (1h 40 min: 5 Minute walk to train station Entzheim, train to Strassbourg, then via Offenburg to Rastatt )

[k]Flughafen Stuttgart[/k]

approx. 110 km to Rastatt. (2 hrs:

By tram to Stuttgart train station, train to Rastatt, via Karlsruhe)

[k]Airport Basel-Mulhouse[/k]

approx. 180 km to Rastatt

(2,5hrs: By bus to Freiburg, IC to Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden and Rastatt).

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